How Can a Modern Company Manage Operations, Optimize Business Performance, Costs and Procurement at the Same Time?

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What can help companies to maintain their competitive advantage today, while at the same time transforming their business? It is a fact that in the global market the focus of businesses lies in adopting new operation strategies and business management processes to stay on top. In order to remain successful and grow even further, there is a great need to embrace the global change that is the outcome of the internal and external drivers affecting business operations.

The main focus of businesses in the global market is the trends in operation strategies and business management that allow them to stay ahead in their market. Organizations are currently shifting away from traditional systems that are complex, difficult to upgrade and take too long to implement. They are moving to modern business applications that create an opportunity for the intelligent and flexible management of businesses in the digital transformation era.

While technology changes at a rather fast pace, such developments provide a safe and streamlined approach for business operations to also evolve, thus leading to increased revenue.

So, how can a modern company ensure business operations are running smoothly all the time?


Setting clear standards for your business allows you and your team to determine the effectiveness of your strategies. It should be part of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for a modern business. A business should set realistic approaches to measuring its business milestones, this includes determining the amount the business is making weekly, monthly and annually, how effective its advertising campaign is, and other measurements from when the business started. Set some goals and benchmarks, and frequently assess how your business is performing. You need to identify what to change and use all the modern tools and systems available to improve it.


The management in any company needs to understand the art of obtaining product and services. The procurement process can be a complicated one. It requires specific steps to identify the company’s needs or requirements through to the final step of awarding of the contract or product. It also needs input from all departments and functional areas. Responsible management of corporate funds is vital when fulfilling the necessary processes.

To ensure the process is effective, organizations should have a strategic procurement team to set the direction for the procurement process that aligns with the business strategy. The dedicated team will utilize the data from the strategic process to develop an actionable procurement plan.


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Proper management of the day-to-day books of accounts and finances of a business is critical to effective business operations. Most business plans concentrate on this area since their growth and maintenance may require major purchases, investments, mergers, and acquisitions. A financial planner should form an expenditure budget including a picture of potential revenue.

Thanks to advanced technology there are tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, and new and innovative end-to-end business applications in the Cloud to streamline procurement, finance, and overall business operations.


The key to streamlining business operations is having the right team and training them how to execute their tasks, and, above all, maintain a good relationship with customers. Managers must take time to know their customer database and focus on getting in touch with existing customers via email, phone or message. Contact your customers to remind them that your company is ready to assist them again. Listening to their opinions about how they view your business will help you understand their wishes and make getting customer feedback a part of your business processes. While it is important to market and advertise your business to your customers, service and overall satisfaction are what keeps them coming back.


If your business’s operation is not automated, you’re missing out. Business automation can save money and increase efficiency in all areas of operations management. Automated chatbots, mobile check-in features, and online translation functions are only a few of the business function examples that are dependent on technology. When businesses invest in machines and development tools, they are able to free up employee time to focus on products and customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an example of a Cloud-based business management platform that combines features of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), to connect and optimize your business operations including procurement, finance, costs, and customer engagement. It helps unify sales, HR, financials, and business operations across different departments such as retail, finance, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, inventory, warehouse, and transportation management. With a Cloud-based business application, you can access anything you want in a centralized location, from any device, from anywhere in the world.


Understanding the importance of having a unified business from people to operational processes enables you to focus on certain areas that will allow you to keep up with or be ahead of the competition. This can be achieved through incorporating modern intelligent business applications that adapt to customers’ changing needs.

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